Brad Elias - Journeyman & Other Erratum (1973-2022)

A new album has been released with my more "progressive" compositions on April 20th (heh, heh).


Journeyman Lyrics PDF

Originally written in 1973, completed in 2018. I could not imagine recording this without the amazing guitar talents of Fernando Perdomo and vocals of Lucas & Vivian Gibson-Elias

The Cave

Vocal and acting support by Wymsum Jo Kearns, Emily Hall, and Lucas Gibson-Elias. My attempt with multi-camera production.

The Leaf, The Stone,
The Stream

Jonathan Schang from District 97 on the thunderous drums. The middle circle of fifths section was particularly fun. Got to sing 3 distinct styles.

Love Me as a Seed

Heroic vocals by Lucas Gibson-Elias. Song about how the entire animal kingdom is just a parasite on the plant's ability to photosynthesize.



-(Naked Mix)-

A little Halloween fun and computer animation experiment. Intertwined melodic themes and contrasting lyrics describe the yin and yang of our inner dialog. Got a real bajo for this!

Pillowcase Parachute
(A Yoga Song)

Again, beautiful vocals by Vivian and Lucas Gibson-Elias. It is an 8 chord progression where each of the 8 sections start at a different spot.Countermelody heaven.

Final Voyage
w Fernando Perdomo

An instrumental from Out to Sea 4 that Fernando Perdomo allowed me to write and record a vocal line.

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