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  Brad Elias - Keep Up (2023)   T-SHIRTS!

Keep Up

My signature quirky pop with Stable Diffusion animation

Run the Wrong Way Fast

A quick trip from Mill Valley to Half Moon Bay

In Love with the Dream of Love

Duet with Sara Furrer, featuring Cameron's British Pub.

Language of Lips and Lungs

Stable Diffusion clip for a song about where a song wants to go

The Hook

How your fatal flaw is really your signature move


I learned Vocoder!

Family Tree

Lulaby to a tree. With Sharon & Art Gibson

Glad Decorations

Appalachian version with acoustic instruments

Song of Joy

with Lucas & Vivian and Beethoven

Friend with Skin

w Steve Berman, harmonica & Kenney Grove Kazoo Orchestra


Great friends The Harmonistas on vocals.


Bittersweet song from my youth

The Zipper Song

A kid's song for freeway drivers

Magical Thinking

What is in that punch we're drinking?

Thick Skin
(Sweeter Fruit)

a mod of one of my 80's songs

Glad Decorations

Chamber Version video out in December


... makes the pearl, breaks the shell

What Breaks Stays Broken

featuring Fernando Perdomo

Flow (Like the River to the Sea)

Written while descending from Sierras to Pacific

Still a Long Way

featuring Jerome Rubin

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