Tempo of the Times

Tempo of the Times

I wrote several songs on the baritone ukulele for this album because it was easier to play in the Lazyboy while watching the unfolding drama of the 2016 election. Plus, when I threw it, it would not damage the TV as much.

That Bucket

I knew I wanted to do a country-ish thing, but I decided to make each of the verses a different melody/progression. A phrase I used years before the song.

Stupid in Love

This is my take on Paul McCartney's take on his father's dancehall band. A frivolous thing that took the longest to record.


Sometimes you are told to use a phrase you just spoke in a song - and the person is actually right. Just got so smoooooth.

Alleged songwriter Brad Elias
Brad Elias


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Merry Whatever

Every year, I try to write songs about passing holidays. This one arrived Thanksgiving, 2017. Thanks to Lucas Elias for the angelic boy's choir.

Taste of Love

I had been listening to a lot of very early Cat Stevens and just saw Yusef do a great retrospective. Don't blame him for the subject matter. Thanks to the Beatles for the closing chorus harmonies.

Thomas Austin

Thomas Austin, an early settler in Southern Australia, decided to bring some English rabbits to his farm. With no natural predator, the population exploded and is a blight to agriculture to this day. I thought, "What a great analog for love."

Support Humanity

Rubber meeting the road.

Sweet Spot

I've been having some generational guilt. We really had it all and and used it for greed and gluttony. Can we pull it all out of the fire in time?


Sometimes you just need something to make you smile and sing. Find your part or make up your own. Find the Chumbawamba quote.

Two Minds, One Heart

The song that started the whole thing out in September of 2016 camping out with Songmakers. First imagined as a Carville-Matalin style meeting of opposites, but grew into more.

There's Only Us (Arms Open)

I have gotten deep into modern progressive (prog) rock (symphonice, folk, melodic) and imagined this as done by some of the great musicians in the genre. This is the message.

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