Christmas 2005

The second story addition to the house was finally finished and moved into this year - although there are still many boxes, blank walls, and other finishing touches.  This year Boeing sold Bradís company (Rocketdyne) to United Technologies making for a busy year as Network Administrator.  Chris continues to work as a Clinical Dietitian at Kaiser Permanente and should attain part-time status this year. Both boys graduated with honors last spring and are doing very well in school. Nick is a 9th grader in Cleveland Senior High Humanities Magnet Program. Luke is a 6th grader at Columbus Math Science Magnet program and enjoys Boy Scout Troop 464.  We persevere with our service at Canoga Park Presbyterian Church.  Along with our faithful dog Sunny, we have been adopted by a sweet cat named Jade.  See pictures at the usual and feel free to drop a line at Chrisí new web-page:


Emmanuel -
God is with us -
during Christmastime
and throughout the year. 

Have a great year,
Brad, Chris, Nick, & Luke Elias
(and Sunny & Jade)