Christmas 2004

This year was dominated by major house construction: adding a second story and remodeling downstairs.  Started last April, it will probably take a year to complete.  See for photos and video.  Brad still does IT duties at Rocketdyne (Space Shuttle, Delta IV engines, etc.).  He continues to write songs--wrote 2 Christmas songs for 2004. Chris works at Kaiser as a Clinical Dietitian and volunteers in Sunday School and leads a children’s choir. Nick is doing well in 8th grade at Columbus Magnet: loves English and endures Algebra; dressed up as “Banana Bob” at a Health Fair for school credit.  Luke has been featured in his school choir; he is nearly done with 5th grade and into middle school and enjoys Scouts.  Canoga Park Presbyterian Church had its 50th anniversary which we helped (let me know if you want to purchase the DVD).  Not much free time or vacations, but we still enjoy music, beaches, volleyball, and stand-up comedy.  Hope to have more free time and less stress in the New Year.  Pray for us as we pray for you.

Brad, Chris, Nick and Luke Elias and Sunny