Christmas 2002

BRAD works in Propulsion Engineering Data Support (network administrator) at Boeing; church volunteer (worship elder; in 2 bands; accompanies kid choir); enjoys movies, hanging with his sons; still writes songs and web sites, see

CHRIS is confident at both of her part-time clinical dietitian jobs; leads kids choir; teaches Sunday School; helps sons with homework; favorite modern Christmas song is Immanuel (God Is With Us) written by Brad; looks forward to lunches with her husband of 20 years

NICK will be 12 in March; tried scouts for a year; got a straight A report card his first year in middle school; loves to be with friends (virtual and real); is good at basketball; runs sound & slides at church; likes heavy metal music; enjoys riding his bike

LUKE is 8 1/2 years old in 3rd grade; good student; enjoys cub scouts; plays basketball and takes walks with Sunny; enjoys bike and scooter; his best friends are at church and across the street; good at singing; give him your prayer request and he will pray for you every night!

SUNNY is a patient, sweet, but protective, dog (Mountain View Cur) about 2.5 years old; plays with old beat up balls until we get home; loves taking the boys to school in the van

 We loved our trip to Hawaii (big island) this summer, even though Brad had a broken foot.  It was beautiful, clean, and safe. We bodysurfed, saw lava, dolphins, waterfalls, sunsets, and the boys snorkeled with Titus the Turtle

 We thank Christ for his greatest gift to us,
the gift of Forgiveness.
We desire that all our friends and family
grow closer to God in 2003.  

Bradley Dean, Christina Marie,
Nicolas Falco and Lucas Jacob Elias
(plus Sunny Marie --woof)

(homemade sign)