Emmanuel God with Us
May God our Savior
be with you at Christmas
and throughout the New Year

The Elias Family
Brad, Chris, Nick, & Luke

Christmas 1998

Here's the answers the Elias Christmas quiz - click on the event in the last year to see its picture:

  1. 2 kids (and Dad) excited about the new PC - with video camera input - 1/98 69Kb
  2. Trip to the snow to pose in front of someone else's snow man - 2/98 41Kb
  3. Trip to Disneyland with cousin Sophia for Nick's 7th birthday - 3/98 34Kb
  4. Kindness Evangelism, giving away water at Memorial Day Parade - 5/98 29Kb
  5. Family trip to Florida, lion at Disney's Animal Kingdom - 5/98 128Kb
  6. Same trip, Shuttle launch, Brad's Boeing work is still exciting - 6/98 7Kb Another 9Kb
  7. Newest addition (van) and latest loss (Coyote, our dog) - 7/98 50Kb
  8. Visit Falco Family including new cousin Christopher - 7/98 22Kb
  9. The "boys" make killer sand castle at Capitola Beach - 7/98 50Kb
  10. Brian and Patti are wed, two more cousins (Jimmy & Crystal) - 7/98 60Kb Another 30Kb
  11. Christmas program with Nick as angel (star special effect) - 12/98 34Kb
  12. Same program, Wise Man Luke (Dad playing guitar) - 12/98 21Kb
  13. Chris directs church kid's choir (ages 4 to 7) - 12/98 34Kb
  14. The obligatory family portrait from the last possible moment - 12/98 43Kb
Not pictured - Chris still working at Granada Hills Hospital as dietitian and elder at our church, Luke turns 4, both boys in good schools and good choirs, Brad plays bass & guitar with church and band and hopes to make another CD.

Many shots were from the video camera, so I apologize for the graininess.