1) My Own LifeLyrics & chords
2) One More ChanceLyrics & chords
3) Don’t Coddle MeLyrics & chords
4) Happy PartLyrics & chords
5) The Meaning of LifeLyrics & chords
6) Tell Him the TruthLyrics & chords
7) Never Doing That AgainLyrics & chords
8) Talking to the AirLyrics & chords
9) It Won’t Kill MeLyrics & chords
10) Writ in StoneLyrics & chords
11) Tell Your Own StoryLyrics & chords

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Thank you for listening.  This album is a collection of songs written from August 2015 to June 2016 and recorded from April to June of 2016.  It was originally “music as therapy”, but turned into a redefinition period in my life.  I have come to embrace rough-hewn beauty and the communication power lyrics can wield.  I envisioned a 4-piece band (although the drums take 3 passes for me to sequence), and tried to retain as much of the organic performance as was possible with my limited skill.  As such, when the high G string on my Takamine 12-string was lost in a capo accident just prior to recording, I decided it would be my main instrument.  I had a supportive group in the Songmakers – small successes and huge encouragement.  Thanks to Luke for the photos.  My goal was just to create something with the tools I had and find joy.  Goal accomplished.  Next!


My Own Life: Yeah, a little unintended Ray Davies loan.  Songs like this are fictional representations of where my mind can go.  It’s a bookend to “Live Like That” from The Others Yeah Right album.  One of the early ones where I used the trusty P-bass.

One More Chance: A personal story of equilibrium in codependency.  By the coda, both halves of the dialog admit that the unfulfilled expectations are exactly what is expected.  Tricky to record piano with only 25 keys – bass hand never quite jelled. 

Don’t Coddle Me: Grown from my own desire to withdraw, it turned into a story of a cubicle dweller wanting to be “out of your happy crew”.  I tried to do a write-and-record-in-a-day, but as soon as the stop recording button happened near midnight, “Don’t Bother Me” became the more succinct “Don’t Coddle Me”.  I really fell in love with the sound and feel of the Ibanez acoustic bass. 

Happy Part: Echoes of conversations from tougher times.  The silly rhythm placeholder just started sounding more and more right.  I wished I played the violin well enough to not have to keyboard it.  Yes, puns intended.

The Meaning of Life:  Originally sung to Iris DeMent’s “Let the Mystery Be”. The chorus chords were a thought experiment that actually worked.  It really took off with the chorus bass line.  No need for the 4th player – he gets the cowbell and the bad attitude. 

Tell him the Truth: A rhythm that was haunting me for several nights that needed lyrics.  So this is what happens when feral men are left to their own stream of thought.  Time signature goes from 7/4, to 6/4, etc. until the chorus ends in 2/4.  OK, this is my herky-jerky dance music.

Never Doing That Again: My novelty song.  I really wanted zombies, but metric restrictions made it last year’s monster.  Live tambourine since there’s not a realistic sampled shake. Big P-bass!

Talking to the Air:  A therapy song written before I ever thought of performing.  Should be Roy Orbison.  I would love a real piano player, too.  Oh, and the strings and choir and… Yeah, it was tough to record this stripped down.  Feel naked.

It Won’t Kill Me: Huge rewrite during recording prep sent the song into several new keys.  It’s still a 12-note range.  Just to be clear, I think many of the things mentioned do kill people, but I have no power to prevent them and, statistically, I will not be affected.  It’s about where to place focus and energy – the needs of the many: hunger, water, health. 

Writ in Stone: Originally written from the perspective of an atheist speaking to a fundamentalist (any religion) asking for tolerance.  I found more of my own philosophies leaking in and confusing me.  Which side of the argument was I on?  Floaty Strat ala Beck’s Morning Phase.

Tell Your Own Story: Last song written and a good summation.  Sometimes the future looks insurmountable and the inclination is to accept inevitable failure.  I choose to be the frog in the cream and live in the joyous delusion of a meaning-filled life and a happily ever after.  Anyone join me?  For my sons.